10 May 2010

My 1st Mothers Day

My first mothers day was awesome. It started great with Ava sleeping in until 8am. Do you know how long it's been since I have been given the chance to sleep in? Oh I'd say about 8 months. Kenny came home from work that morning with cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We went to church and Ava was in a good mood the entire time. On the way home, which is about a 2 mile drive, she fell asleep and slept for about 2 hours. After her nap, Kenny made us lunch: steaks and baked potatoes. One of my favorite meals. He is such a good cook, he likes to grill and I am thankful for it because I dont like to cook so much. He presented me with my 1st Mothers day card from Ava, I thought it was soooo thoughtful that he actually got a card from her instead of a card from him. Then I got my gift, which I wasnt expecting anything to be honest. I had told him I just wanted lunch and to spend the day at home. He gave me a gift card to Sernity Day Spa for a massage. Oh how wonderful of a gift. I loved it! Erika and I had went there last year for her bridal shower gift from me and it felt so good, I didnt want to get off the table. So now we are planning a girls day out with lunch and massages. We ended the day with Dairy Queen and then my schedule went back to normal. Ava got a bath, fed, then bed.

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