24 March 2010

Our Baby is 6 months old!

Our wonderful baby girl is 6 months old today. She has been the light of both of our lives. She has made life worth living. After being in labor for 56 hours and not being able to deliver and going through the C-Section, her smile makes it all worth it.
(A Whole Day Old)

(6 Weeks Old)

(3 months old)

(5 months Old)

(6 months old)

It’s hard to believe that when we brought her home from the hospital she couldn’t even lift her head, her hands were closed and she slept 18 hours a day. Now she is rolling all over my house, sits up on her own, and is trying to talk. It’s just amazing how much she has learned in such little time. We are very thankful for her. She makes me smile after a bad day. She loves her daddy and when he is gone for a 24 hour shift she always greets him with a smile, hug, and now an open mouth kiss (since she has learned to do that).

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