14 July 2017

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Read:: True Hero by Susan Owensby

Ally and Jonah have been skirting around each other for 3 years. Ally came to their small town to escape her past. She is doing everything in her power to keep a low profile and to not leave a trace behind her. Her ex husband would torture her if he found her. She just wants to keep her young son safe.

Jonah is an ex SEAL that came home to take care of his family and their business. He works closely with his brother and knows the town well. He has always suspected something is off with Ally but he's never meddled.

Finally their attraction is enough for a move to be made. Jonah was exactly what Ally needed. To feel loved. To know that someone had her back. Ally needed to feel safe, and that is what Jonah does for her. He really is about making sure that Ally and her son have everything.

This story has a little bit of everything: angry ex, hero, and a woman that needs to learn to be strong.

Will he be the hero that saves us from my mistake?

On the run, with no one to turn to.
I’m doing all I can to stay alive, protect myself, and my little boy.
I left everything behind, determined to start over and give my child a normal life.
I have rules. Rules I have to follow. Rules that keep me alive.
1. Keep my head down.
2. Keep life simple.
3. Trust no one.

That definitely includes retired ex-military, Navy Seal Jonah Bradford. He’s completely off limits.
It doesn’t matter if he wakes up the woman inside of me.
I can’t be that woman anymore. No matter how much he makes me wish I could.

Giving up my career to run the family business wasn’t an easy decision. Once a SEAL, always an SEAL.
Yet, I’ve adjusted. I like my life, but something is missing.
One look at the freckle-faced beauty working at the local diner and I know exactly what it is.
But, I’m alive today by following my instincts and everything about Ally is setting off alarm bells that scream she’s in trouble.
I don’t care. I want her.
The problem is she won’t give me the time of day.
That’s okay. I like a challenge.
I just have to uncover all of her secrets and end the fear that keeps shining in her eyes.
Operation Ally is underway.

True Hero is a standalone romantic suspense novel and part of the True Hearts Series with no cliffhanger and no cheating. It features a sexy ex-military alpha male Hero, a realistic fiery heroine who over comes an abusive past, who just might stumble their way into a happily ever after.

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