06 July 2017

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Read:: The Revival by Hollis Canon

Troian  and Cade. These two. These hearts. The abuse. The back story. The family. The stares. The feelings. You feel it all. You feel the worthlessness that both of these characters feel. You feel the troubled past and the heart ache when they are told they shouldn't be together. They have to go through life on their owns until they decide that they just need to be together. The attraction was great, Cade felt immediately that Troian should be with him and that he needed to protect her. The writing was great, it kept me hooked through most of the book, not getting bored or waiting for things to happen. The fact that they had to wait for their happily ever after made it all worth it. The ending I laughed and wanted to high five Cade. If you are looking for something emotional and real, I recommend trying this book out.

Loner. Grade A loser. White trash.

Troian Michaels has been called these and much more in the three years of her high school existence. The girls at school pick on her because of who her parents are. Her momma? The town whore. Her father? The same man who is the father of the most beautiful and popular girl in her grade.
Troian is no stranger to heartbreak and feeling less than she is. Her brother Zaiden is the only person who even cares about her. When Zaiden comes by for a visit, he sees the shape she is in. Bruises covering her face, few scars marring her once perfect complexion, she feels like she doesn’t matter.

Drug Addict. Wannabe Musician. Rich kid.

Cade Stephens has heard it all before. He has a bad reputation and he doesn’t care much about what others think about him. He had a give no shit type of attitude, but secretly wants more. He wants to have a reason to continue living sober, a reason to not always feel so alone in his own head.
People have always judged Cade on the way he dresses, the tattoos that cover his arms, and the piercings in his lip. They may make up the image of him, but his music is what truly drives him. Music makes him feel alive, or as alive as he can possibly feel anymore.

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