21 July 2017

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Read:: Only His by Madison Rose

Holy cow a lot happens in this novella. What happens when your two favorite authors combine their talents? KABOOM that's what happens. Its like pinky and the brain finally took over the world.

We are brought right in the middle of Emma learning that Liam is not her Liam. He is the world's bad boy movie star. He has a really horrible reputation of being with women. Emma automatically goes into defense mode, she needs to protect herself. She needs space. She needs to get out of this situation. 

Liam goes right into protective mode. Nothing will hurt HIS. No one dictates who he loves or who is he is with. Emma is the first person to make him feel worth more than just the movie stuff and he is not going to lose that. 

Natasha and Aurora really put it all in there, I felt the emotion. These two teaming up and creating this masterpiece was fantastic for a quick, witty, sexy summer read. 

I had no idea he was a sought after movie star and one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. I thought he was only mine, until one picture turned my life upside down.

She can fight it all she wants, but I knew the moment we met that she'd be mine, and I'm never giving her up. 

I tried to deny it, but in the end I know I'm Only His.

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