19 June 2017

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Release with Review:: Full Count by Lynn Stevens

I loved the dynamic which is Mallory and Aaron. The relationship had to be worked for, it had to work through a lot of stages before it would be just right. Aaron thinks life is baseball and fun. He thinks his plan is easy and will be followed until he has an injury. This injury is the beginning of a downward spiral that only has the ups when Mallory is around. 

Mallory is a quiet loner that wants to forget her past and move onto her future: alone. That is until Aaron needs a tutor to pass a class and she's it. 

The relationship that is formed, is good for them both. Aaron gets over himself and really invests in his feelings for Mallory. I loved that he worried so much about her, traveling early in the morning to make sure she was able to enjoy Christmas. He wanted her to have a family and enjoy the closeness that he has with his. He really looked out for her and she took his heart. 

When it all comes to a head and Aaron really finds out who his friends are, what real life can become, and how it feels to have the bottom fall out, Aaron turns it to make himself a better person. 

At the end, my heart was beating fast waiting for these two to find one another again, but will Ms. Stevens give us that happily ever after? No clue, the end broke my heart though and now has me on the edge to find out will Mallory forgive Aaron, Maybe....

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Anyone who says they're having the worst day hasn't met me. My girlfriend cheated, I blew out my knee, and probably trashed my chance of going pro. All in one day. Then my jerk professor tells I'm almost on academic probation.
Awesome. Now I get to find a tutor.
Enter Mallory Fine, quiet, a little intense, and my kind of gorgeous. Who also happens to hate baseball and any guy who plays it.
Hello, curiosity.
I tell myself this will be nothing more than a tutoring relationship. I'm a liar. I want this girl. How hard can her secrets be to unravel? It might be a challenge, but so is getting back on the ball field and I'm determined to make that happen—no matter the cost.

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