12 June 2017

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Read:: My First Time by Courtney Roberts

A very short tale of insta-love. Josie has no clue how she has remained as an escort as long as she has. She has no clue how to get out. She wants more for herself but when and how will that happen. When a grubby icky guy that is definitely after only one thing attacks her, River is there to save the day. 

River is there for her instantly, saving the day multiple times over. She goes from a routine in life to questioning everything that is her life. Does she want more? Yes. Can she achieve it? She doesn't think so. Not until River gives her that encouragement along with basically demanding that she leave the business and be his. Who can resist that?

It's a quick read that doesn't get into a lot of details. It would have been great for the characters to have been described just a little more and if there was a little more meat to the plot. This new romance author has lots of potential. Do not let the length of this story deter you from giving it a try. 

Josie White, a young woman who desperately wants to escape the sex escort industry, is trapped between who she is and who she wants to be. After literally falling into the arms of River Young, Josie experiences a love that goes beyond any physical experience. Will Josie have the courage to follow this love into the future? Or will the past keep Josie living a life she no longer desires?

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