22 April 2017

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Read:: Here Without You by Jennifer L. Allen

My first read from Jennifer Allen. It wont be my last. She had me from the first sentence. We meet Anna at the mall with her sister Ronnie, prepping for a school dance. When something tragic happens while at the mall Anna loses herself. She loses her family, her boyfriend, and disappears. She believes this is for the best. To disconnect from the issue. She finds herself working like crazy, no education, and one her own. 

Ryan is left by Anna and joins the Navy as he had planned.  He tries to move on, he continues his tours, continues serving his country. 

These two broke my heart over and over again. They go through so much in such a short time and so young in their lives. They grow up a lot over the course of a few years. This book kept me on edge, would they work through Anna's issues to start over. Would they move on together. Would they move on as friends. Lots of issues throughout the entire story. 

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Anna Romano had the picture perfect life. As a brilliant high school student and talented artist with a supportive family, she couldn’t imagine her life being any better. Her days were spent fantasizing about finishing high school, and dreaming of a future with her loving boyfriend.

Ryan Jacobs had his life figured out. He was enlisting in the Navy, and his high school sweetheart was applying to art school. Just a few more months and the life they’d planned together would become a reality.

On a cold February day, tragedy struck and flipped Anna’s life upside down. The bright and colorful world she once lived in turned to gray. Retreating into herself, she pushed Ryan away. She pushed everyone away. Then she ran.

Ryan was lost without Anna, but truthfully, she had been gone long before she even left. He did the only thing he could do, he went on with his life. Years later, the last thing he expected was to bump into her more than two thousand miles from home.

Love, pain, distance, and secrets.
Would their challenges tear them apart?
Or was their love strong enough to mend them forever?

Here Without You is a standalone romance with a trigger warning. A mass shooting takes place in the prologue and is referenced periodically throughout the book.

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