06 April 2017

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Read:: Carry Me Home (Home #3) by Megan Nugen Isbell

Riley has went to college and got on with her life just as Jesse requested in his letter. He got what he said he wanted: she is with someone new, someone who has something going for his life, and she is moving forward. Although it really isn't what Riley wanted but she's dealing.

Her mother made me laugh in this one, you can tell through the entire book that Evan isn't her favorite. You can tell that she is also leaving a little hope that Jesse might return in time to steal Riley's heart. Although he cannot steal something that is already his.

A friend is injured while overseas which prompts the group of friends from high school to reconnect. Riley who rarely comes home for extended time periods is home for the summer. Her boyfriend is beginning life after college trying to convince her to move with him and begin a life together. She is hesitate and decides to go home using her mother's upcoming wedding as an excuse.

Jesse returns, on leave, trying to figure out his next move. They try to be friends, the conversations, the chemistry has never left. They flow easily together as always. My heart thumped hard when Jesse put it all out there. Although Riley had every right to be hurt and confused by the silence for years, he was brave for that.

These two made my chest tight at times but Megan gave us a great ending after a hard battle. 

Returning to Carver hasn’t been the same since Jesse left, but after almost four years, Riley Regas has gotten used to it. She’s picked up the pieces after he broke her heart and has moved on. Evan has shown Riley how to love again, but when she comes home for the summer before her senior year of college, Jesse’s unexpected return causes everything she’s worked so hard to put behind her to come rushing back. She can’t deny she still feels something for Jesse, but how can she forgive the way he left her and what about her future with Evan? With her past and present colliding, what life will she choose and will Riley ever truly find happiness? 

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