15 March 2017

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Read:: When Love Breaks by Kate Squires

This is my first read from Kate and she is an excellent job expressing the pain felt by Logan who is a double amputee. He is frustrated with life, the cards dealt to him, and that independence is something from yesterday. We meet him when Elora shows up on his doorstep to become his 8th in home care aide. He needs help with simple tasks and this is upsetting to him, pushing the help away.

Elora is working full time has an aide, going to school to become a nurse, and just trying to get through life with the little time she has for herself. She puts a lot of pressure on herself to help others, not taking care of herself. She has a heart of gold, she is perfect to be a nursing major because she isn't doing this for the money.

These two have a lot of rough times at first, Elora absolutely doesn't allow Logan to feel sorry for himself, she fights with him against his demons, and she pushes all his buttons until he starts pushing himself.

This is a story that will make you feel sad and happy all within the same page. Real communication problems, real insecurities, and real life getting in the way.

From the author who brought you That Kiss, That Promise, I Will Catch You, and Tracing Hearts, comes another tale of love and loss.

Elora Foster and Logan Turner never met, until the day she showed up on his doorstep. After a simple, chance encounter, the two embark on a journey that will change both their lives forever.

With good intentions and a heart of gold, Elora has aspirations of being a nurse. But, when she’s hired to take care of Logan, a double amputee, she’s instantly put off by his grouchy demeanor and bad attitude. She’s not sure if taking this job was the right move, or the worst decision of her life.

Logan, who was recently released from the hospital, has no intention of letting anyone take care of him. He’s sure there’s nothing that could change his hopeless situation, so he resigns himself to his fate. When he meets Elora, instant friction begins, but soon, he realizes there's something different about her. Try as he might to behave himself, he finds that his negative attitude upsets her frequently—and to his surprise, it bothers him.

As time moves on, the two become more acquainted, and strong feelings begin to grow, but a road block threatens to derail any relationship that might develop. Just when they think they’ve found a way around it, their lives take a turn for the worse, and they're both faced with a gut wrenching decision which has the potential to tear them apart.

Can she save this lost soul? Can he get over the past enough to see she’s the one? Can they work through the worst problem they’ve ever known, or will the strain be too much?

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