07 February 2017

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Read:: Undone: An Outside the Cage novella (Undisputed Series Book 3) by A.S. Teague

We met Sidney and Breccan in the first book in this series, Undisputed and I fell in love. A.S. completely surprised me with this little novella about the in between time from the first book and the second. A.S. develops these characters so well you want to be best friends with them. They are a good group. 

In this little story, Sidney and Breccan go through life without Connor. They are fifteen months since his death and Sidney is still trying to figure out life. They are still checking items off of his bucket list. 

Breccan plans a getaway for him and Sidney with a super sweet, made me cry surprise. He again made me cry when we get to read about a special gift he has for her. He had me crying again once their sweet little Olivia comes into the world. For this big MMA fighter with a short temper he is so caring, loving, and a true prince towards Sidney. It really is amazing what the right person in your life can do for you. 

Sidney has a lot of struggles during this time frame but she copes. She finds a way to life without her adoring nephew. On this journey she finds herself again and again until she is given peace. 

A.S. did a magical job of giving us the details we were wishing for when we read the 2nd book and they were already parents. I love when an author knows what her readers need and gives us that inside. Readers get attached to characters and story lines. 

(This cover AHHHH LOVE!!!)

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My Review of Undisputed

**This book is not intended to be read as a stand-alone. This is the continuation of Breccan and Sidney's story from Undisputed.**

After promising to complete the bucket list, we set off on the adventure of a life time. But, with every new excursion, a new set of problems arise.
We may be doing it for him, but we’re losing ourselves with each task completed. Can we keep our promises without ruining each other?

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