01 February 2017

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Read:: For Finlay by J. Nathan

Ready for a lump to stay in your throat for a few hours? That is what you get with this one. Soooo Good. This is my first read from J. Nathan and with sports romance I know I will definitely be reading more. The emotion felt in this book is such a good intense feeling. You are rooting the whole time for a happily ever after and honestly you don't know whether you are going to get it. J. really knows how to have you turning page after page to get to the end. She really knows how to write.

Finlay, god bless her, a lost teenager, a confused girl, lost her heart. Her twin at that. Cole was her world until he got his own life, until the crowd couldn't wait to see which direction he would go in and used her to see if they could get the direction early. She was placed on the back burner in her mind when in actuality she was always his number one thought. Losing him, she lost herself. After a few years of soul searching, she moves to the university Cole had always planned to spend his college career.

Cade, starter QB for the team Cole would be on if he had made it to the first game. He is around Finlay a good bit, he gets hot and cold from her but he keeps pushing. Getting up early to run, they find they have a good bit in common. You'll meet a girl named Leslie, we hate her, you'll know why once you read, she's that girl. Thankfully Cade doesn't allow Leslie to ruin the vibes that he has for Finlay. Cade is a sweetie, he does everything he can to be with Finlay the right way, and he really is hard to be mad at.

The supporting characters and best friends are great. The team seems to all be working with the QB better by the end and college seems to be working for some. I am hoping that J gives us more of the glimpses she as already teased us with.

This review cannot do this book any justice, I loved it, I didn't want it to end, the epilogue was good but not enough. I want to know more about the adult life and what happens. Maybe in the next book we'll get some of them.

Finlay Thatcher is a lost soul, guilt-ridden after the death of her twin brother. When Alabama's football coach gives her the opportunity to work for him, she knows it's her chance to move on, even if it means living her brother's dream. 

Caden Brooks is Alabama's star quarterback. He's got it all. The attention of adoring fans. A girlfriend who'd do anything to hold on to him. And a future in the pros. He's getting along just fine until Finlay steps into his life, despising him at first sight and pushing his buttons like no other. 

Unfortunately for Finlay, and her attempt to keep Caden at arm's length, there's nothing Caden loves more than a challenge. The problem with this challenge is she comes with a secret that has the power to destroy everything.

*New Adult Sports Romance

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