28 January 2017

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Read:: Wayward Angel (Wayward Saints MC Book 1) by K. Renee

We meet Anslie as a teenager living with her worthless mother scared for her life. Her father is the President of a motorcycle club, leaving her with her mother for a chance at a normal life. Her mother saw it as a burden I believe. Her mother is acting as if she is still a teenager herself. Anslie's life is horrible and terrifying. 

Brantley is in the MC and meets Anslie shortly after she comes to live with her father and brothers. The attraction to her is instant but she is off limits. He protects her the best he can while she is living with her father and tries to keep her close to his side. 

They get to a point where fighting it is hard, they don't want to and cant any longer. At such a young age, Anslie doesn't really know what she wants or needs but she has never felt what she feels for Brantley before and she likes the way he makes her feel when they are together. 

Brantley's father sees the destruction that could lead to his son being involved with the President's daughter so he sends Brantley away. 

Years pass and these two end up at the same club, Anslie now of age and away from the Club makes it easier for Brantley to decide that he wants her and hes not stopping until he has her. Their time together does come to be problematic but both don't want it to end. When a club rival goes after Anslie, Brantley immediately distant himself, blaming himself for not being able to protect her. 

More years go until these two are pushed together again. Brantley is one alpha that gets his way. I loved how he came back for Anslie as if there hadn't been years in between the time they had been together. I loved how he wanted to protect her. I loved Anslie's relationship with her brothers. I loved that we met Brantley's brothers and there were there for him. I couldn't put this book down until the end. K's writing kept me wanting more until I knew these two were going to be alright. 

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What do you do when the one thing you want is against the rules?

Anslie Davoli is the sixteen year old daughter of the President of the Wayward Saints MC, Cason Davoli. After her mom takes her away from the club at just five years old, certain circumstances bring her back into the club under her older brother's watchful eye.

Brantley Insico grew up in the club. His father is the Vice President of the Wayward Saints MC. At twenty-one, he thinks he's got it all, the club, his family, and no woman tying him down. One family barbecue and his world is turned upside down. 
Brantley knows Prez's daughter is off limits, but he still craves her. 

Will Anslie and Brantley be able to stay away from each other, or will they have to deal with the consequences

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