08 December 2016

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Read:: Worth The Risk by Claudia Connor

This follow up is a bit darker but so good. This book touches on violence towards women. The graphic details were something out of a movie but so vivid you can imagine the hell that they went through. 

Stephen is Matt's brother. He is the lone wolf. He enveloped into himself after his finance is tragically murdered. He feels guilty that he wasn't in town when it happened. He feels guilty that it was her instead of him. He feels guilty that she didn't want him to go but he did. He has so much hatred in his mind for the cowards that followed her home that night. He imagines the horrible things he would do to them if he would get his chance. He feels that he is no better than most because of these thoughts. 

Hannah met a guy on line. Classic isn't it, teenager feeling like she needs something more, meets a guy that is supposed to be her age on line and the next thing we know she is swept away in his basement for 42 days. She was a victim of a sick person who thought it was great to hold a person captive and do as they wish with them. She feels like a fool, insecure of her markings and decision making. Her brothers have placed her in a bubble. They really do not allow her to do anything without one of them with her. 

After a day of loss, Hannah is in the grocery store when she captures Stephen's attention. She is upset. He has no idea why but he wants to make her smile. He asks her out, with her hesitation he isn't sure if he will get his way but she agrees. He hasn't been in a relationship since his finance passed, he hasn't wanted to have his heart opened like that again. Hannah has never ever ever had a relationship of any kind with a man. She hasn't trusted since she was a teenager. She is very unsure of what to do with Stephen but something is pulling them together. 

Stephen learns so much about himself while getting to know Hannah. Hannah learns to love herself along with Stephen. Stephen makes her feel like a million bucks. He sees her beauty. Loved this story of redemption, of feeling the self worth, and of growing as a couple. 

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For readers of Bella Andre, New York Times bestselling author Claudia Connor follows up her heartfelt debut, Worth the Fall, with a novel about Matt’s brother, Stephen. When a McKinney brother falls in love, powerful emotion and overwhelming desire are never far behind. 
Two hearts locked away . . . Hannah Walker spends her days coaching children through injury and trauma, one therapeutic horseback ride at a time. She knows all too well how violence can change a child and leave scars that never heal. It’s easy for her to relate to the kids; what isn’t easy is the thought of facing her own harrowing past.
Millionaire playboy Stephen McKinney could use a little coaching himself. Five years ago he encountered his most horrible nightmare—and the nightmare won. No matter what he achieves, nothing can make up for that awful night . . . or so he believes.
Both desperate for a second chance . . . Stephen is used to getting what he wants. And he wants Hannah. So when she turns him down, he’s intrigued. What he doesn’t know is that her secrets will lead him to a place he never wanted to go again . . . to a side of himself he’s tried to forget . . . a side that would scare Hannah away from ever loving him. Now his only chance to win her trust is to bare his soul, risking everything he tried so hard to protect.

Praise for Worth the Risk and Claudia Connor
“Love, love, love! Read Claudia Connor for a consistently raw and emotional love story.”New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips
“Achingly real characters, combined with Connor’s deft and tender handling of complex issues, make for a compelling, layered read.”USA Today bestselling author Maggie McGinnis

Worth the Risk is a story of healing, of overcoming heartbreaking memories and panic-inducing fears, and taking the risk to trust and love again. You do not want to miss this wonderfully emotional story by one of my new favorite authors!”—Wendy S. Marcus, author of Loving You Is Easy

“Connor’s writing is strong enough to maintain the emotional intensity of the main couple’s relationship through it all, providing a reading experience that will no doubt satisfy fans and leave many eager for more tales of the passionate McKinney Brothers.”RT Book Reviews

“A brand-new author I think you’re really gonna like.”New York Times bestselling author Kristan Higgins
“I can’t get enough of Claudia Connor’s heartwarming stories. Sexy, emotional, complex, dreamy—her characters satisfy on every level.”New York Times bestselling author Virna DePaul
“Loved this book, love this series and I cannot wait for more of this series and Claudia Connor.”—Live, Read and Breathe
“Claudia Connor is a natural storyteller. I was engrossed in Worth the Risk, down to the familiar interactions between the siblings.”—Book Crack
“This was just a really great book to read, and I definitely recommend it! I really want to go back and read Worth the Fall now! I can’t wait to see what else this author has in store for us!”—Pages of Comfort
Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

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