29 December 2016

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Read:: Unlove Me by Lisa Sommers

The ending of this series was a good one. A nice light happy ending to it all. We met Cal in the first book. He is the manager for the baseball team the guys play on. He has been going through women for years. He loves the life. He has a great relationship with the guys on the team. They get together frequently.

Summer is sister to one of Cal's players, Derek. She is a free spirit wanting to live life to the fullest. She is the complete opposite of her twin who wants marriage and kids. She is partying and having a great time.

Cal and Summer are pulled together. The attraction is there and they want that fun time.

Life never does go as you plan but Summer grabs it by the horns and moves to make it the best that she can. She and Cal have a lot of growing up to do quickly and the fun times are only just beginning.

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The deep intake of her breath and the fact that her eyes are turning red are a pretty good indication that she’s mad. “You son of a bitch,” oh shit, I pissed her off.

“There is something about this woman that throws me so far off the beaten path that it scares me.” ~ Cal

Unlove Me is book three in the Game On trilogy. Callihan Moon, Team Manager for the San Diego Sun Devil’s, is every woman’s conquest so it comes to no surprise that living the single life is how Cal is destined to live.

Until now…

Unfortunately, Cal falls for the one woman who is everything that he should not want. He must now prove to himself and this woman that he can be more than just a one-night stand.

Game On…

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