30 December 2016

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Read:: The Anderson Brothers Series by Kristin Coley

This series surprised me from the start. A teen pregnancy turns into a sweet love story. Although getting there was a way that you can feel and see happening. It isn't all roses and happiness. It's hard and a lot of work. The pregnancy causes a rift between a child and her parents. A break up of a high school romance so that a future isnt lost. A found love that Ford didn't know was there. Ford and Hannah decide to take care of this child after the idea of adoption isn't as great as Hannah had once believed. 

These two didn't become lovers overnight, they just felt a deep connection. They worked together to make a home, to make a future, and to try to do best by the baby and their family. I did feel bad for Colt. His guy thinks he wasn't good enough for his girlfriend to be dumped only to come home and find a baby. Talk about heart break. 

Colt's story picks up 4 years later. He has completed college, joined the NFL and is living his life. He has completely ignored his family. He has made his own life leaning on his team. He is lonely. How could he not be, his best friend and girl are raising his child. He has yet to come to terms with that. 

These stories were endearing. I loved them. They were realistic and made you feel what they were going through. I loved the life lessons that each went through.

This is the complete Anderson Brothers series. Includes Finding Ford, Chasing Colt, and Loving Livie.

Finding Ford: A teen pregnancy knocks life off course for Hannah. When she decides not to tell her boyfriend about the pregnancy a chain of events are set in motion that no one could have predicted. The bond between brothers will be tested as secrets come to light and a new love is found.

Chasing Colt: It's been four years since Colt found out about his child. A successful career hasn't filled the emptiness that comes from past betrayals though. A chance encounter with a beautiful dreamer could be his chance to find love and forgive the past if he can learn to trust again.

Loving Livie: Rich, smart, beautiful, and aloof. Olivia has always been there for her friends. But for Beckett she would always be his Livie. The one he drove away with his secrets. Discover the past that Livie has tried to put behind her and the man that believes their love is worth a second chance.

Come fall in love with the Anderson Brothers and the women that captured their hearts.

A clean and sexy romance series that has been called heartwarming and humorous. 

"Penned with humor and heart, this novel reminds us that love conquers all and sometimes in the most unexpected ways."
"Easy read as unpredictable as life itself. Heartwarming and humourous story about the complexities of love and life."
"Miss Coley's excellent writing skills had me cheering for this couple when I could have been rolling my eyes in disgust. Nicely Done!"

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