10 August 2016

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Release with Review:: Target by Aden Lowe

This was a very entertaining and kept you on the edge of your seat story. I loved being in the mind of Trick. Trick is approached by Lauren's sister to help her get her sister back. Lauren is in an abusive relationship with a man who is hoping to run for President of the U.S. This is not a normal job to Trick but when he looks at the pictures of Lauren, he is pulled.

Lauren has gotten herself into a terrible relationship and doesn't see a way out. She drove me crazy with the 'I'm not a quitter' speech to herself when it came to her relationship with the Senator. Seriously, you are covering bruises with make up and you are staying so he isn't looked at badly. I understand woman do feel this way and think this way but coming from a household that this was seen, I kept thinking there's gotta be a way out.

Trick helps Lauren while on her assignment. We find out that people really are dirty. People really don't care about others as long as they are getting their way. The Senator absolutely disgusted me.

I was thankful when Lauren's eyes opened and she saw Trick in front of her. She saw the man that would treat her like the Queen she is.

Aden as always draws you in and takes you on a ride with these characters. He creates a story that you can relate to and want to help with. He does a great job not getting too technical with the military side but also allowing us to see the way things can be thought out. Looking forward to reading more from him.

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She was only supposed to be a Target—not become my everything.

I'm an Unwanted Soldier—an elite group of former soldiers which takes missions no one can complete, no matter the amount of money offered. I handle specific targets—the impossible ones. 

Coming home from a mission in the desert, all I want is sleep. A visitor derails that plan with a file and a new mission: rescue Lauren Johnson from the abusive Presidential Candidate/US Senator Jared Richardson. 

Lauren's gray eyes got to me, left me powerless to turn it down. I only take the most remote and dangerous jobs. This one might have the biggest stakes of all—my heart. 

I could be the next First Lady! But as the campaign heats up, my fiancĂ©, US Senator Jared Richardson, is under more stress, and he lashes out at me. His staff looks the other way. I can't just leave. My face is everywhere. My family and friends have all been pushed away. And Jared won't let me go, even if I no longer want this. 

My new bodyguard, Trick, protected me from Jared, despite the danger to himself from Jared's henchmen. I'm not certain why he's on my side, but he's the only one I have, and I trust him. He helps me remember how things are supposed to be, and what I want from life. He makes me want so much more. If he's willing to take these risks, surely I can have the courage to leave Jared and move on. If only Trick will move on with me… 

Target is a full length novel with an HEA. It will end before 100% because it contains a Bonus Book - Kellen's Redemption: Hell Raiders MC1 - for a limited time. Kellen's Redemption is also a full length novel with an HEA. Additional 60k+ words.

  • This book contains adult situations, including violence, foul language, and sexual content

  • Possible Triggers for Domestic Violence, although descriptions are NOT graphic

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