27 July 2016

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Read:: My Unexpected forever by Heidi McLaughlin

This was a good read, we meet both Harrison and Katelyn in the first book. Katelyn loses her husband very unexpectedly with a car accident. She is a grieving widow when Harrison comes to town to join his friend Liam. 

Harrison is taken by Katelyn immediately but Liam keeps reminding him, she just lost her husband, dont be a jerk. So he sits back and waits. Eventually Katelyn and Harrison are hanging out and Harrison goes for it. 

Its a battle. Harrison is a single father and Katelyn is trying to be strong for her young girls who are missing their daddy. Harrison bonds with her twins. This melted my heart. They take to him and his son. You watch the healing after a lot of heart ache. 

I think it was wonderfully written and shared through her thoughts and words. 

I expected a life of music. 
I expected to raise my son. 
It took one look to make everything change. 
I never expected happiness. 

I never expected to find her. 
I never expected to feel desire. 
I never expected I’d be a family man. 
I never expected to be loved. 
I never expected to fall in love. 

They say you should expect the unexpected, I didn’t realize my unexpected would be the forever kind. 

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