08 July 2016

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Read:: Jacob Exposed by S.M. Donaldson

Where to begin with Jacob's story? This one was action packed from the first page. Roxanne is a member of a top secret ATF team trying to take down a huge bad guy. It all goes wrong and everyone ends up gone. She leaves. 

Jacob has worked for the CIA for years, covering his lies with a construction story to his family. His sister has married Lox and he decides he needs to be back closer to family. Still contracting, he is assigned a case, that has him working on the same case that changed Roxanne's life. 

These two work together to try to bring down the missing man that has ruined Roxanne's life and destroyed her family. These two had all kinds of chemistry and they begin having some fun while trying to figure out how to get Roxanne safe. 

This was a fast paced story that had lots of turns. I loved that the other guys were involved and we got updates on everyone! 

Jacob Foster knows all too well about living a life of lies and deceit. After a string of bad cases working for the CIA, he’s tired of the undercover world and agency politics. Needing to find himself again, he leaves everything behind to move home. Letting his focus be on helping his sister and her newborn son, he pushes the past behind him. 
Life goes on, years go by, and he finds normalcy. 
Roxanne Gilliland knew nothing but the life the ATF created for her from childhood. Following in her father’s footsteps, she’s let the agency direct her world. But there is always the one case that comes along. That one case takes everything and everyone away from her. 
She moves on—new town, new life, but the threat never leaves her mind. 
What happens when an old friend lands on her front porch and everyone’s secrets threaten to be exposed? They knew each other as agents. Later, they went from friends to lovers. When Jacob is forced undercover as a fighter to win against the past, is he strong enough to win the match and Roxanne’s heart? 

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