18 July 2016

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Read:: Assured by Kaylee Ryan

Cole cracked me up in Empathic and he didnt disappoint in Assured. He meets Stacy through Logan who is married to his best friend. Stacy is around alot and Cole is always hitting on her. 

These two were explosive once they got together. Cole never quits doing for her and she finally allows him into her heart. His relationship with his family and niece was a nice light change for the cockiness that is seen in both books. 

I cannot wait for more from the men in this band! 

I’ve always been the guy who plays the field. I like variety and my career ensures that I can have my pick of women. 

Until her… 

I’ve always been the girl who wants more. I want the white picket fence, the two point five kids and the dog. That’s what all little girls grow up dreaming about. 

Until him… 

Why is it that she’s all I can see? I no longer want the variety instead all I want is her. I won’t stop until she believes that she’s mine. 

I assure you… 

He’s not the kind of guy I usually date. He’s cocky, and famous and that hair. He says I’m what he wants, but I know his type. He likes to play the field. Only with me he’s different. 

He’s assured. 

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