13 June 2016

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Read:: Score by Aubrey Irons

This was a quick fun read, Dalton is that cocky, cant get in trouble, I love the girls and can do anything I want guy. Hailey is the coach's daughter who isn't interested in football, wants to be a doctor, and studies all the time.

Dalton gets the walls to come down a little and soon they are hanging out, he's bugging the crap out of her. The quick and witty banter between these two will have you laughing out loud. I really enjoyed the storyline, the hot scenes, and change in bother characters.

Aubrey does a great job with the story with the development of the characters, even though they are only high school kids, and with letting it flow so you don't get bored wondering when the hook up is coming. This is the first book and certainly not the last book I will read from Ms. Irons.

There’s a reason they call him “Ten,” and it’s not just the number of his jersey

Dalton Cole is a jock.

A notorious, cocky, foul-mouthed, impossibly arrogant jock.

The hottest quarterback in college football is nicknamed “Ten” for his middle name “Tennessee,” for his jersey number, and for a certain measurement.

...I’m sure that last part is just a rumor.

Did I mention he’s also an underwear model? He’s slept his way through half the woman in Georgia, and he’s got his pick of any girl on campus.

Not me.

I’m the studious one, the one headed to med school - the girl with a plan.

I am not into football or the neanderthals who play it, and I want nothing to do with that smug, cocky prick with the legendary record - or his infamous "package."

But it’s not up to me…

The University just hired my dad as the head football coach, and Dalton’s mother just said yes to marrying him. His star player?


College football’s biggest bad boy is looking to score, and I think I’m the goal…

**This is a standalone book (approx. 87,000 words) with a HEA; NO CLIFFHANGER!**

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