06 June 2016

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Read:: Lucky Catch by C.M. Dorporto

So I have read every book in this series and I watched from the outside how explosive this couple can be, but I freaked out when I heard they were getting their very own book. Of course I grabbed it up.

This book is great, it has a great storyline, as always CM tells us both point of views, so we know what everyone is thinking. We get visited by some favorite friends and family members. These two really had to work for it once they decided to quit messing around and to have a real relationship.  They had everything that could be thrown in their way there, blocking happiness.

CM does a great job taking you on that journey, showing you how strong it can be, and if you really want it, get it.

They'll do anything to hide what they want, even though it's each other they want most. Determined to keep their friends-with-benefits status under-wraps, Luke and Delaney spend their junior year of college sneaking around. Once the truth is revealed, their relationship takes off, but not without the challenges from Delaney's carefree attitude or Luke's overbearing parents. Luke’s determined to stand by the girl he loves and trust she’s doing the right thing, despite his hectic baseball schedule that keeps him on the road. When Delaney's past threatens to destroy them, will forgiveness be enough for them to realize they were each other's lucky catch? ***Standalone but it is recommended you read the entire series***
Recommended age: 17 years and older due to language and sexual situations

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