06 June 2016

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Read:: Love's Learning Curve by Felicia Lynn

I had the pleasure of being able to read this book with an ARC. This is my first ever Felicia Lynn read. I have read all of her BFF's books, Ms. Harper Sloan but I haven't heard a lot about her books. So the opportunity arose and I grabbed it, well actually I won it but whatever. I read before bed as usual, went to sleep, then woke up at 230 AM and had the urge of, I wonder what happens next, so I began reading again. The next thing I knew my alarm was going off and I was ending the book. I couldn't put it down. I had to know what would happen, would it work out, and would Charlotte's mother be ran over???

Charlotte is a Senator's kid, his only child, but we don't hear much from daddy during this book. Her mother is a different story, if I could have went into the book and hit her with something, I might have. Charlotte has never experienced much of anything, her friends were chosen, her dates were chosen, her clothes, you name it, her mother had control. Charlotte is at the breaking point, that point where she wants more. She wants to live her life, she wants to experience stuff. Its a natural feeling, however most of us do all thi during our teens and not at 21.

Tyler, such a sweetie, I wanted to keep him. The prologue introduces us to the baseball hotshot and his conversation with his high school coach. This young man just wants to play ball, wants to make more of himself without failing, wants to show everyone that he did make it. He doesn't have time for distractions.

Enter the distraction! Their first meeting was epic. I loved it. He was an ass and she was pointing her finger and telling him exactly what she feels. Charlotte doesn't ever get to do this and it makes her feel great. They keep running into each other at different places and Tyler wants nothing but to keep a smile on her face. He doesn't understand why he's feeling like this however he knows it makes him feel good also.

After a misunderstanding that would have really sent me to taking care of business with my mother, they allow themselves the happiness of being together.

Ms. Lynn leaves us with a 'The Ending--For Now' Yes you saw that right FOR NOW so I am keeping eyes and ears open for when we will read more of Charlotte and Tyler together.

Love’s Learning Curve Synopsis:

College for most girls comes with a rite of passage to make mistakes, to live fearlessly, and to experience the real world while not under a microscope, having every move made scrutinized, criticized and worst of all, publicized. As the only child of the governor of South Carolina, and potential US Presidential candidate, Charlotte Maryland Baker is not granted the luxury of the typical college experience. 
Tyler Stone lives for baseball and everything that comes with it, and has the stats to prove he’s an exceptional player. The only place Tyler Stone feels he matters is on the pitching mound. Without the distraction of dating, or making friends he can concentrate on the one thing that makes him feel complete – Baseball.
Opposites attract, so they say, but what WILL happen when these two opposites collide.

Felicia Lynn Bio:

Felicia Lynn, author of The Heartstrings Series, is a transplanted Florida girl, born and raised, who lives just north of Atlanta, GA. She spends most of her days holed up in a cozy chair with her laptop, writing about the characters that live in her head. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her hanging out with her family and friends or interacting with her readers and fellow book lovers on social media! She loves traveling, reading, live music, baseball, good food and great company. 
Felicia writes contemporary romance and co-wrote The List, a mystery/suspense book she collaborated on with professional poker player, Chris Bell. Look for more to come from those two soon.

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