22 June 2016

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Read:: Cross by Cora Brent

This novella has got to one of the most emotional novellas I have read. We met Conway and Stone in Chase's book, Game. Conway and Stone are cousins of the Gentry brothers. At the end of Chase's book, an accident happens. Lives are changed. 

In this book, we meet Conway, Stone, and Erin. Erin and Conway are dating, having grown up together, they are thrown together in their teenage years. Stone didn't have the same relationship with Erin as Conway, but we get to see what happened before it all went down the tubes. 

Conway and Stone are close, having not the best childhood or parents, so when a girl comes in between them, they really don't handle it well. Conway is jealous and begins fighting with his brother. Erin has stuff going on and feels she cant confide to Conway, but for whatever reason she finds herself in somewhat deep conversations with Stone. 

This story gutted me, it really shook me. Cora put everything in this story to get us to the next book in the series. I have WALK on my kindle just waiting for me. 

This one is not like the other stories.  
This one will hurt.  
But not in the way you think.  

Two brothers...
And the girl next door.
A betrayal that severed the bonds of blood and loyalty.
A tragedy that ended one life and shattered the rest.
Everyone thought that because they knew how it ended they also knew how it started.
They didn't.
And neither do you.

CROSS is a novella in the Gentry Boys series from NYT and USA Today bestselling author Cora Brent.  It is not necessary to read the other books before reading CROSS.  

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