15 June 2016

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Read:: Catfished by Nicole Hite

This was a fun light read that took a few hours to read. This read follows Ariel during her assignment at her magazine trying to please her boss. She tries to catch the attention of a popular sexy guy online that all the ladies love. He begins messaging her and she begins an online relationship per say with him. Almost at the same time, she literally runs into her neighbor Owen, who is pretty sexy himself.

She begins trying to juggle the two of them and dating Owen while trying to catch this Dean guy online and getting her story. The whole #CATFISHED thing was funny and when it came out, I was excited that I kinda knew from about half way through the book.

It was a good for the first time I had read the other, but lets be honest, if Matthew hadn't been on the cover, not sure if I would have been that interested. I am a loyal follower of my cover models. But he has done a wonderful job along with Shauna at Kruse Images and Photography introducing the book world to authors.

For Ariel Summers, being a well-respected and well-regarded journalist was her top priority growing up. She had dreamt of catching the big scoop her entire life. When she lands a job at one of San Francisco’s leading fashion magazine, she sees it as an opportunity she cannot refuse. As the magazine’s Sex & Relationships columnist, she is struggling to find her next big break. That’s when she meets Dean – a social media demigod with the body to boot. At least, that’s what he wants her to believe. After being approached to pursue this mystery man by her boss, Vivienne Harper, Ariel is caught in a moral dilemma between outing a fraud or demolishing a decent man. With the help from her best friend Sam and new, sexy, neighbor Owen, they are on the hunt to unmask the real Dean. Beware. Try not to get #CATFISHED.

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