24 June 2016

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Forever Yours, Casey by Cassidy O'Connor

This was a really sweet Second Chance story. I had never read anything by Cassidy and the reviews were awesome. The blurb was intriguing. I couldn't NOT one click. 

Brittany made a difficult decision when she was 16 years old to protect Casey's future. He is all set to become a lawyer and make his family proud. Brittany is the daughter of a single mother working a lot of the time just to put food on the table. Casey is willing to give it up and wants to be with Brittany instead of going to his Ivy League college. After Brittany confides in her mother that she is expecting, they make a very hard decision and leave. 

Casey has never ever forgotten the one that got away. Brittany left him with out a word, he couldn't find her, but he wrote her every year. He did move on, went to college, became partner, and is engaged when he gets a life changing phone call. 

Brittany is locked up, protecting her daughter and needs help. Her mother calls the one person that she knows will help. Casey and Brittany are brought back together and fireworks happen. My heart was all mushy and just wished they would get back together. Casey's budding relationship with the daughter he didn't know existed is amazing, they talk and get to know each other. 

I really enjoyed this second chance book and loved the flow of the story. 

When you’re a mother, you do whatever it takes to protect your kids, even if that means landing yourself behind bars. 

Brittany Celdonio made the toughest decision of her life 15 years ago, but was it the right one? A lot has changed in that time, and now she’s a hardworking single mother of two. When her daughter is threatened and Brittany finds herself in trouble, the past may be the only thing that can get her out. 

Casey Sanders has been writing a letter every single year for the last 15 years, since the love of his life disappeared without a word. Attempting to live a new life, he has the job he dreamed of, the perfect fiancĂ©, everything he could want…except her. An unexpected phone call could change his life forever. 

What do you do when your past comes calling? You drop everything and go.

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