07 May 2016

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Read:: A Fresh Start by Lexi Bissen

As my 4 year old would say about something she is excited about 'OMG OMG OMG'

I was approached by Lexi, who is a new author, about reading her book. I was absolutely excited because this book has been on my list to get but I hadnt bought it yet. My attraction to this book, I am not going to lie because we all know my weakness::: Josh McCann::: cover model, goofball, new dad, good guy, and his baby blues are on this cover. 

I was instantly in this book. Felt like I was sitting at the table, getting a front row seat, Lexi definitely lets you feel every emotion felt by these characters. The characters are only in high school yet you don't see a lot of immaturity. The story line: believable and could so happen. 

So we are taken to a little town in Alabama where football is God and if you are not into that why are you there. We have Ronnie, senior, writer, great student, trying to find her nitch in a house full that resolves around football. Her best friend is gay and very funny, I was belly laughing at his mouth. 

Gibson is a misunderstood rock star's kid who took a wrong turn and ended up being given a choice: Jail or Uncle Dan's house. Gibson finds himself in backwoods country just trying to get through his time before he can go back home. Of course rumors and stories are flying about him, gossip magazines are writing what they believe is the truth and he has a school of kids that have known each other since birth following his every move. 

Ronnie friends Gibson one the first day and the friendship is deep. I loved that Lexi gave us a 400 page novel and showcased all these emotions that are running through teenagers. They share with each other what they fear to share with their families. They share their dreams, future, and what they want to accomplish. I was instantly taken back to the first love in high school when you thought you had it all figured out. 

Gibson makes a bone head mistake that I was freaking about!! Like seriously my heart was pounding racing through the words trying to figure out if Ms. Bissen was going to leave us with a cliffhanger or if she was going to be able to wrap it up and give up a happy ending. 

At this point from Ronnies POV I was feeling like I was right there witnessing it::
“This,” I point between us, “whatever it is we’re doing. What you said to my brother was true, even if you were saying it for his benefit. What does a guy like you want with a girl like me? You’ve been with girls far more beautiful and I’m sure more interesting. It’s just like you said, you’d be downgrading.” 

I loved these two together, I love the epilogue which wasn't too far ahead since the book ended in their senior year. I am hoping we get another one from Lexi soon and I am keeping my fingers crossed it is Sean's story. Ronnie's brother was nice, mean, grumpy, and sensitive all within the same book, this mysterious teenager needs a story!!!

Famous bad boy with tattoos, a lip ring, and piercing green eyes? No sweat. 
It’s not like he’s special. 
Except he is. 
It’s not like he’s over-the-top gorgeous. 
Except he is. 
And it’s not like I have zero self control. 
Except I don’t seem to around him… 

Ronnie Hamilton has no interest in the men at her school. Being from a small southern town, they all live and breathe football, and she gets enough of that from her brothers and dad. The last thing she needs is some guy sniffing up her alley, especially when it’s her senior year of high school and she doesn’t plan on sticking around long after graduation. But then he walks in. 

Gibson Mitchell is in hell. Given two choices, he decided Freedom, Alabama had to be the better option, but after spending a few days in this town, he realized maybe the people aren’t so different than what he’s trying to escape. So used to LA socialites and gold diggers with fake tans, daddy issues, and a price to sell even the lamest of gossip, Gibson isn’t sure he can trust anyone. And then she caught his attention. She’s beautiful, down to earth, and best of all—she’s genuine. 

Ronnie is focused on chasing her dreams and becoming her own person, but will fear of her parents’ rejection hold her back? 

Gibson is determined to change his course in life and make a name for himself, but will his past continue to define him? 

Brought together by a term paper and a soul deep attraction, will the judgment and opposition surrounding their potential tear them down before they have a chance to begin, or can they be each other’s Fresh Start?

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