15 April 2016

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ReRead:: Matched by Angela Graham and SE Hall

I am a big fan of SE Hall and Angela Graham, their works are funny, sexy, and unpredictable. In 2015 when they joined forces for this book, I knew I had to get it. 

The storyline had me!! A soul mate game show and a couple that isnt too sure of where they stand. I fell in love with most of the characters.

I kept asking myself how Harlow was with the ego crappy self centered Oakley. He dumped her to sew his oats then came back to 'settle' down however he had his version of settling and she had hers. They were on different sides of the planet with what they wanted. My heart broke when certain things came to light that Harlow didnt even know about Oakley but he had confided into a stranger he met on the show. 

Cruz, well what can I say, the brooding brother of Emma made my heart stop with just the description of this motor cross star. He states he's there for Emma to experience this vacation and she needs to have fun, but every time the girl is in the middle of fun, he stops it. 

Harlow and Cruz have a stare at me but yell at each other relationship. Once they get to an understanding, their relationship is still anything but easy. I honestly thought that SE and Angela were not going to give us them together at the end. 

I am requesting a book of Harlow and Cruz!!! I would love to know what happened after they finally became a couple and if Harlow is happy.

Date, Mate, Fate: Celebrity Edition 
The reality show like no other: Eight men, eight women, one mansion in paradise; their every move caught on camera for the world to see. Among the faces in the house: a mysterious cowboy, a cocky football star, a motocross god, and a broody Alpha calling all the shots. 
Thorough compatibility testing says everyone’s soulmate is there. Computers’ abilities are boundless, but can they be trusted with matters of the heart? 
Would you recognize “the one” when you saw them? 

Rated NC-17 for foul language, heavy drinking, and graphic sex. 
*Full-length, stand-alone novel. 

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