20 April 2016

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Read:: Adrenaline by Kelly Elliott

Malcolm was in the first book in this series and I didn't know what to think of him, but I had thought I knew who his interest was going to be in his book. 

I was thrown off course and it took a while to figure out how the two characters would even meet. As I was reading Paislie's side, I kept thinking, she has nothing to do with NASCAR unless she becomes his PT for whatever reason. 

I thought Kelly gave Paislie a very unique background. It's one that I hadn't read in a story and it was kinda refreshing that she didn't fall head over heels within a minute of meeting Malcolm. She doesn't trust fast, she prays a lot, and she tries to do right by her faith.

Malcolm thrives on the rush, the chase, and win. He lives for nothing, he wants to take everyday as the last, and he doesn't want to be stopped. 

These two were like oil and water for a while and I think that made it a great story. They had to really work for it. Nothing was easy and Paislie was quick to call Malcolm out for being pig headed. 

Their ending was fitting, the fact that Malcolm saw what was the real rush and what he needed to do to secure a good live and future with the woman that has his heart was fantastic.

Now the question is will Ashley get her book? Will she get her happily ever after? 

Malcolm Wallace lived for the adrenaline rush. If he wasn’t living life on the edge, he wasn’t living. He had no time for relationships, let alone love. 

When one event changes Malcolm’s entire future, he must turn to the one person who makes him doubt his entire philosophy on life. 

Paislie Pruitt. 

She’s beautiful. 

She’s strong. 

She’s the one rush Malcolm never saw coming. 

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