22 March 2016

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Read:: Billy Jeffers by MJ Fields

I have a lot to do but the only thing on my mind was "Billy Jeffers". I knew it was on my kindle and couldn't wait to start.

When reading this series, everything out of Billy's mouth had me intrigued. He was so proper, so crude at the same time, but proper. Correcting Madison in every other book telling her to say please, thank you, or that she was being too loud made me giggle. There is nothing worse than a guy trying to make you a certain way especially when you are a loud personality. 

Madison has always been in the shadow of rocker brother Memphis but she really makes up for it with the little attitude she slings Billy's way. She really surprised me as well with the app and computer stuff. I thought girly was going to take over the world before the end of it all. 

Billy's family is crazy, like super crazy, putting a lot on his back for stuff that he wasn't even old enough to be apart of. I wanted to choke his parents at certain times. I was right, he was my favorite of the Rockers of Steel. His heart and everything about him was just awwww.  

When Memphis finally puts it all together was probably one of the best scenes::
“If you’re trying to get laid, use that line on someone else!” Memphis yells. “Spoiler alert.” River chuckles. Memphis looks around, gasps, and points to Madison. “Are you fucking him?”

“You did good, Madison.” Without thinking, I kiss her. Memphis roars, and Madison smiles, then turns around. She points at Memphis. “You be nice. I think I love him.” Well fuck. “You’re a dead man,” he sneers. “See what you have done to her?” “Oh, back off. He is afflicted by me.” She turns and looks at me. “I’m pissed at you still.”

These two cracked me up, the love/hate, happy/mad, aggressive/passive, they had it all. Some couples always have that one that gives in and makes up and these two make the stubborn work for them. They both want their way and usually get it somehow someway. 

I was happy when the rollercoaster was over and these two finally said yes we like each other, yes we want to try to not fight with each other, yes we want to make each other happy, and yes we aren't hiding it anymore. 

From USA Today Bestseller, MJ Fields, comes a sizzling new rocker romance. 
**Contains graphic sexual content and language. Recommended for adult readers age 18+ ** 

Billy Jeffers, pianist, never dreamed of being in a rock band, yet he reluctantly agreed to help a friend start one: Steel Total Destruction. Then, at a Miami club one night, the front man was injured and unable to play lead guitar. Therefore, Billy quickly learned and was then thrust into a spotlight he never wanted. 

Madison, lead singer Memphis Black’s sassy twenty-year-old sister, left college to work for Forever Four. She has felt an intense attraction toward Billy from the first time she laid eyes on him. She even makes it apparent, but he brushes off every attempt she makes. 

When his world starts crumbling apart, the band’s nice guy becomes deliciously bad. Will he use Madison’s attraction toward him to seduce her into keeping her mouth shut? Or will she reveal the secret that could crush the bond Billy has with Steel Total Destruction and Forever Four? 

Hearts will be broken, hate f*cks will be had, friendships will be tested, and all hell will break loose. 

Are you ready to rock? 

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