31 March 2016

# sound off

Is there an off limits in your home?

So as our kids get older, I keep wondering if I am ever going to have a little privacy to myself. About the only time I have a few minutes is when I am in the bath. Most of the time, I don't mind at all. I created the monster. We had co-sleepers and they have been in our bedroom since birth. At one time we had both kids in our room. 

But they are getting older, in school now, and their toys just take over sometimes. But it made me think of when I was growing up, my moms bedroom for the most part was off limits. I could go in if she was sleeping and I needed something or if she told me to go in and get something for her. I didn't hang out in her room on her bed. We hung out in the kitchen or the living room. 

My husband said the same thing, so then I started wondering, is this a generation thing? Are parents changing so that their kids are more involved in their personal space or is this just me? I love that my kids feel comfortable coming in my room and laying in my bed in the mornings, cuddling, and talking about what is going to happen for the day. But then you have moments when you are looking for the remote or step on a sharp toy and think why is their stuff all over the house and not confined to their room or their playroom. 

I keep reminding myself though that they will only be this age once and soon they will be teenagers which equals cars, boys, and lives that don't include the parents. 

So no off limits here, sometimes a heavy sigh, but we are just trying to enjoy them growing up and teaching them right. 

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