08 March 2016

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ARC Read:: Tackled by Sabrina Paige

So I was sent this by Sabrina Paige for an honest opinion. Honestly reading the blurb, I thought what you all might be thinking, Hot Football Guy + Nerdy Secretly Hot Tutor = Hot Time together. Yep I was right. And Sabrina is the perfect author for it. Reading some of her previous books, I was familiar with her hotness in her books so I kinda expected it. She DID NOT disappoint. 

So Colton, twin, football player, stubborn, cocky, thinks he's a God, like he actually says it is failing classes. He needs a tutor and the football coach picks someone who doesn't even know football, doesn't know a lick about it, and I loved that she was older and a graduate student. 

Cassie, graduate, smart pants, virgin, tutor, also stubborn, is assigned Colton just in time to have to pay for her continuing schooling. She really tries to keep him at a distance but damn, the boy is persistent and always gets his way. She just wants to get her stuff done and get a job and be an adult. But she hasnt experienced much other than studying and Colton helps with that. 

These two together had me laughing, actually the way they are with each other reminds me of my husband and myself. We joke, give each other a hard time, and play off of each others mood a lot. Their chemistry to bounce off of each other kept me racing through the pages to see what would happen next. 

Colton's mother, goodness sakes, funny woman.  One scene when she is fixing things had me belly laughing, love a woman that tells it like it is and did anyone else picture Sheldon's mother from the Big Bang Theory??? I so did! :: "I'm sitting here enjoying my beer, ma," I say, holding up my cup. "And then I'm going to enjoy another one." "I read that thesis, the one sitting in your lap," she says. "All of it. There's not one thing in there for you to get all butt-hurt about, so either you're just as pigheaded as you were when you were three and refused to wear clothes outside the house, or you're in love with her and terrified so you're picking a fight so you can screw up the entire thing. Either way, find your balls and go fix things with that girl." "Damn it, mom," I groan.

And then when all is well his mother is at it again:: Sable giggles and Tank snorts. Beside me, Colton grumbles. "Shit, ma. It was awkward enough when you were sending me condoms in the mail. Telling me not to wear them is over the line." "I'm just saying that you can't go wrong with a nice little accidental pregnancy," she says.

My heart was in my throat by 80%, this woman tried to kill me with a douche bag of a teammate and the miscommunication. The not giving each other time to explain, as a hot head I can totally understand yelling and leaving but from the outside you are always internally yelling 'Stay, talk, let him explain!"

I have to say though my heart was grabbed with the epilogue. I loooove a great ending and boy did Sabrina deliver. 

Buy now, love it, enjoy sports, nerd, and love..... 

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College football’s most notorious tight end wants to show her that everything’s bigger in Texas.


I can’t stand jocks. And I don’t know the first thing about football.

So it’s just my luck that the tutoring job I take to get me through graduate school involves making sure a dumb jock passes his classes.

Now, I’m babysitting Colton King, a spoiled arrogant player who’s as famous for his bedroom antics as he is for his football skills.

The tight end with the filthy mouth tells me he’ll show me that everything’s bigger in Texas. 

And heaven help me, I just might be considering it. 

* * * 


My life is one big party, and that’s never going to change.

Not even if my coach finds me a nerdy tutor he thinks will keep me in line. 

Miss Goody Two Shoes is uptight, high-strung, and unimpressed by the fact that I’m a campus legend.

Even worse, the hot little tutor is as pure as the driven snow. 

Debauching her and making her mine is the ultimate challenge. And I always rise to the occasion.

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