29 February 2016

# sound off

Sound Off:: Butt Hurt All the Time

This subject has been on my mind for a while now and it isn't getting any better. It amazes me that people think that you need to conform to their way of thinking even if you have never thought that way, don't because of religion belief, or wasn't raised that way. People are so worried about offending anyone now these days that you basically cannot say 'I walked down the street' without someone whining that it was 'their' street you walked down and you didn't do it the right way.

It is driving me crazy, I am a very honest, blunt, and sometimes insensitive to your feelings type of person. I am not going to worry myself of hurting your feelings if I am voting for someone, believe that this one subject is unfair, right, wrong, or not important to me. You are welcomed to share your feelings and its okay.

More importantly, I do not want my kids to feel like they have to tip toe around a situation or a subject because they believe one way while others may not. I want them to be able to feel that they can be honest and express their opinions without being afraid of backlashes. I do know the line of being just out right rude or hurtful and my kids do so but if you say its blue and I say its gray, you are not going to have me feel like I need to agree with you so that I don't hurt you. Its stupid. Its causing people would be strong and independent to be weak and followers. When in this country, have we been okay with raising followers??? You always tell your kids to be independent, make your own decisions, you guide them to show them right or wrong, and how to enter society. Now this whole 'you offended' is having kids question if they can really share their opinions without needing to re explain or even apologize.

The whole country from us little people to celebrities are constantly resending what we say to make sure the wrong person doesn't hear so that we don't get ourselves in trouble. Why should I be like everyone else, why should I think exactly like everyone else, why would I want to???

Following the authors and models that I am following, I am seeing it more now I guess since I am exposed to a huge group of people. People are digging for attention, trying to change your words around, and honestly just being mean about subjects because 20,000 people aren't agreeing.

I really hope people begin opening their eyes, seeing that politically correct is one thing and butt hurt is a whole different direction. Not even saying I am right. I may be wrong, but this rambling from me is just me.

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