24 February 2016

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Read:: Shane (Damage Control Book 4) by Jo Raven

I honestly want to know how much it takes out of Jo to write these Damage Boys. Their stories are hard. I had to get myself in the mood to read Shane. I knew it was going to be emotional and I didn't want to be sad during the day from the book. Each one of these books are gut wrenching and the experiences she shares are like the holy grail. I chose a night my kids went to bed a little early because of school and my hubby was a work. I decided this would be a perfect time and setting to get into Shane's head.

So Shane has a past not many can say they can even relate too, scared of his own shadow, panic attacks, doesn't eat, and doesn't talk to anyone really. Cassie is now an outcast in this tight knit group of friends after kissing one of the guys to try to make Shane jealous. She just didn't release that there was no point in trying to make Shane jealous because he doesn't express feelings. He's so in his head looking over his shoulder that he barely knows where he is most of the time.

They have a long hard road coming together, but Cassie seems to be the only one that gets him, calms him, and he is awake with. Not even Seth can help him the way she does.

This one was so heart breaking at times but I was happy to see it come together. Jo does a great job of expressing their feelings, thoughts, making you worry about them. I have read every one of the Damage Control books and am impatiently waiting on Ocean's story. 

Meet SHANE, the newest of the Damage Control Boys, set in the world of the bestselling series Inked Brotherhood. This is New Adult Contemporary Romance. 

Once upon a time, my life was good. I had a family, I had a girlfriend, and hopes for the future. That was long ago, but I remember it. A hazy dream of what could have been. 
That’s gone now. I lost it all. Life fucked me over, and now I’m scared of my own damn shadow. 
I’m training to be a tattoo artist, but I bet I’m not good enough. I have a roof over my head, but every morning I’m scared shitless that I’ll find myself on the street again – or worse, back in prison. 
And every time a pretty girl looks at me, every single fucking time, I know I can’t be with her. Not only because she’ll find out I’m an ex-con and run the other way, no. It’s more than that. I just can’t. The thought of anyone touching me, the thought of getting aroused from that touch brings back every damn nightmare from my past to swallow me whole. 
Can’t fucking do it. 
Not even if it’s the prettiest girl on earth – Cassie. With her long blond hair and her pretty tits, her short skirts and high heels, she’s all my fantasies rolled into one. See, the fact she kissed one of my buddies? That’s good. The fact she looks at me like I’m a bug under her shoe? Even better. 
Because it means she’s not interested in getting hot and sweaty with me, and that I can keep living that fantasy. 
The fantasy that she wants to be with me as much as I want to be with her – even though I know it will never happen. 

**WARNING** If you have issues reading about abuse (physical or mental) then please DO NOT read this book. 18+ for sexual content, language and violence. 

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