09 February 2016

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Read:: Hold by Cora Brent

My question to you is have you met the Gentry Brothers? Then you are missing out! These triplets are hot, stubborn, funny, and working through some pretty heavy demons but they are doing it together as a family. This book is a beautiful wrap up of prior events/books. 

This book shows you where Cord, Creed, and Chase are down the road a little ways from Chase's book. The emotions thrown in this book range from happy, sad, anger, shock and a come it cant get any worse. We also meet and get to know their cousins. 

At this point they have their families, Cord has his wife and 2 little girls, Creed and his wife are given a family, dumped right into their laps, Chase and his girlfriend are figuring out life when they get an expected surprise. 

All the while, life is happening in their hell of a hometown they have tried to avoid. They have to bail the cousins out of trouble, their mother comes into play and their dad is as usual not any help.

At the end, of course, with Cora's writing and feel to make you wish you knew these guys, you are wanting more. And according to the back of the book, it looks like we are going to read about the cousins next, which hopefully means that triplets will be involved. 

Those wild, sexy, hard-loving alpha boys are back with plenty of action, plenty of sex, and plenty of heart.  

They all said we were trash and would end up dead or in prison.
They were wrong.
The three of us brothers endured hell together and somehow climbed out battle-scarred but whole.
We are no longer the ferocious boys who punched our way through terrible days and went to bed hungry every night.
Now we've got love, we've got hope, and we've got each other.
But in order to hold on to everything that matters, we'll need to confront the vicious demons of the past...one last time. 

**HOLD is the newest story in the Gentry saga.  You can catch up on the first four bestselling books, available in a separate limited edition box set for 99¢ or free in KU only for a short time.**    

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