18 February 2016

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Read:: A Different Side by CM Doporto

How did I not know about this??! No clue but when I re read the series, this book came up on Amazon.... Raven's point of view. YES!!! Throughout the whole series, I kept wondering what was he thinking, why did he do that, why was he treating her so horrible...now I know. 

Raven is truly a butt in most of the book, he is great for like 2 minutes, a butt for 5. It was hard to root for him at times. This book really lets you know how hard life is and what he's putting himself through. His mental beat up is crazy. He is all macho and yea I am the man outside to his friends and on the inside he is torturing himself. 

I am happy to have come a crossed this book and to be able to read another side of this group of friends. In this book, you also see more of the other players and Lexi's brother Luke. Getting inside his head was a good way to understand why things were done and why poor Lexi was a mess. 

A Different Side

**STANDALONE** BOOKS 1-3 told from Raven's POV. 
Recommended Age: 18 years and older due to language and sexual situations 

The highly anticipated story from the University Park Series. 

Park Hill University’s star quarterback, Raven Davenport, has every woman dying to get caught in his trap, but he’s only interested in catching one girl – Lexi Thompson. But will he learn how to deal with his inner demons or will they continue to control him to the point of destroying what he loves most? Read Raven and Lexi’s story from a different side. 

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