13 February 2016

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Read:: Crimson Catch by S.M. Donaldson

Ok Ok Ok, lets get this out first, yes this book is geared toward Young Adult, Yes I am in my early 30s however it is freaking S.M. Donaldson, so I read it.

So lets get started, Colin is the QB of a Southern town and under the pressure to bring home the state champions, Joelle is in the band and the black sheep of the family but she's smart.

Colin is failing two classes and needs help so his Captain, James, gets him a tutor::::: Joelle:::::

These two cracked me up because I have read a lot of popular vs not popular and don't belong together books but these two really didn't and dude was getting off with a chick like 2 seconds before they got together.

So Colin gets to know Joelle, they talk, they share feelings and the next thing you know he's feeling stuff he really shouldn't. I loved how he told her whole family about themselves and got them to open their eyes to how hard she works in school and the band. You mostly see them tell off friends who aren't friends or other guys but Colin went after her mom.

Even though they were placed in high school they weren't too immature but they still acted like high school kids. It wasn't not believable of their actions and there were some bullies that I could definitely picture who did that in my high school.

I really enjoyed it, it was a nice sweet break after reading Fighting Solitude which drained a lot of emotion. OO and that big secret was great, heartbreaking, and a winner all in one. I am hoping James gets a book and a few others that we met in this first book of the Game Time Series.

Collin Atwood is a sophomore at Everly High School and the all-American boy in an all-American family. It's his first year on the varsity team and the pressure is on, from his dad and the town. For the first time in over twenty years his hometown could be in line for a state championship title and he's their ticket to get there.
That is if he can get his grades up enough to play.

Enter the daughter of the last guy that held the town's hopes and dreams of state titles, who turned into a drunk after he blew it all. Paired up with Joelle Prescott as his tutor, these two are far from being in the same social circle. She's an honor student and a badass on the drum line. In her family full of athletes, she feels invisible. Which is good sometimes...makes it easier to keep her secrets. Will he keep her secrets? Will she help him make the grade?

WARNING: This book is a Mature YA book. It is intended for people 15+, it is not suitable for those younger.

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