19 January 2016

Read:: A Very Dirty Wedding by Sabrina Paige

Best thing about this .99 purchase???!?! Anyone?!?!  4 books...yes 4 books. 

Sabrina is awesome!! This book tells the ending of Caulter and Kate's original story. I had purchased "Prick" which is the original story through Kindle Unlimited this past spring and I loved it. The whole step brother thing was really thick through the spring, so I was in a moment and read a dozen of so books about the forbidden love of step siblings. This one stayed though, it was funny and hot all wrapped up in one. 

So I started with re reading "Prick", getting me ready for the Wedding. 

A Very Dirty Wedding brings us about a year after our book epilogue ends with the impending wedding of Caulter and Kate. She is very pregnant and planning a Christmas wedding. The first scene into the book, shhhhhhhhhh involves, wait for it::
                                                        Sex Chair 
that's right, it starts of with Christmas presents and our Caulter showing his wife preggers or not she is HOT and he wants her to feel hot. 

I really enjoyed this one as I have all of Sabrina's books. Laughter, joking and the hot scenes. She takes you there and makes you hot as well. 

So buy for .99 or borrow on Kindle Unlimited, enjoy "Prick: A Stepbrother Romance", "A Very Dirty Wedding", "Tool" and "Cannon" all of which my little eyes have read and LOVED!!!

Enjoy! Oh yea it didn't hurt either that this handsome guy is who you are thinking of when Caulter is on scene. Its nice to have a face to go with the character and to be able to put it all together while reading. 

Model: Matthew Hosea
Photographer: Shauna Kruse

Author: Sabrina Paige

I'm marrying a dirty, arrogant prick...and I'm having his baby.

Caulter Sterling is the tattooed, pierced bad boy I used to hate. Now, he's cockier and filthier than ever.

And now that I'm knocked up, this bad boy can't keep his hands off me. 

It's going to be a very dirty wedding. 

What could possibly go wrong when you combine a crazy ex, a celebrity mother, paparazzi, and a runaway ring-bearing monkey? 

Did I mention the bride in labor? 

I'm totally screwed. 

**Limited edition collection contains a brand-new 35k word novella sequel to the Top 10 Amazon bestseller Prick -- but don't worry if you haven't read Prick, because it's included! This set contains all three full length novels in the series (Prick, Tool, and Cannon) and ALL of the novels have bonus scenes EXCLUSIVE to this collection!**

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