23 December 2015

Trip's Retribution (Hell Raiders MC Book 3) by Aden Lowe

Ok so let me get this out right now, I do NOT read Motorcycle Club Romances. Ok to be honest I have read like 2 maybe, one of them being Until July by Aurora rose reynolds. I am not into the whole club full of naked woman at the beck and call that is usually in these books. Some of the ones I have tried to read are very descriptive about the ownership and use of women in the clubs and I am just not into that. I love an Alpha, don't get me wrong, I don't love the 'were going to do what we want because we are a man'. And the main character in the book is never doing this however those supporting characters like in Trip's Retribution wanted to make me gag. Soooooo that being said, I was brought to this particular author because of a particular photographer and NOW cover model. 

Mr. Aden Lowe is an international best selling author, I hadn't heard of until Mr. Matthew Hosea was presented as the cover of his 3rd book in this series. All I can say is YAY for that because I have enjoyed this series, I started with the first because even when the author says its a stand alone novel, I feel like I should know the characters, story, set up so I checked him out. And I love that these are available on Kindle Unlimited. I love borrowing and returning. 

His photographer for the cover Ms. Shauna Kruse has been supplying eye candy for a while but somehow she got a hold of Mr. Matthew Hosea Inked Model and it all clicked I guess because they worked together to bring this beautiful cover.

So Trip is the VP of the Hell Raisers a Motorcycle Club. He seems laid back and observant. Probably good for a VP of an organization of this nature. He meets Tanya when meeting with another club to go over rules and territory. She's not like the rest and her reasoning for being dressed like a whore and treated like one was a story that made my gut gurgle. It reminded me why I don''t swing towards this genre really.  

I will say though that Trip is a gentleman and sees right through her. They have the chemistry that proves their love from the first moment, even though the bone head takes forever to tell her. 

I liked how the story was broken up to show all sides and some background. You just aren't pulled into a story of two people that found each other without knowing how it came about. 

It was funny though being able to picture the muse for this story knowing he doesn't drink, smoke, not sure if he's ever tried pot but cant see him doing it now with his clean lifestyle, but the smile and heart described seems to be on point with what I see on social media.  It was nice to picture the main character and kinda know the personality behind it. 

I will be waiting for the next book in the series, which I had heard was Ryder I believe. 

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For Trip, VP of the Hell Raiders MC, dangerous situations are second nature. Two years ago, negotiating business with the Saxons MC, he finds the one woman he can't live without. When he learns she's there as payment for someone else's debt, Trip must make Tanya his, despite the risks. 

Life with Trip is as far from the living nightmare of being a slave to the Saxons MC as possible. Her knight in black armor came for her and it hasn't been easy, but things are finally looking up for Tanya. She even almost believes it. 

Until the Hell Raiders step uninvited into Saxons business and they decide to make Trip pay through Tanya's suffering. Will another round of torture shatter her spirit and put her forever beyond Trip's reach? Or will his love be enough to finally end the nightmare for good? 

* This is the third book in the Hell Raiders MC Series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but you might enjoy reading about each Hell Raider Brother in order. Kellen's Redemption, followed by Dixon's Resurrection are before Trip's Retribution. *

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