11 December 2015

Read:: With Gratitude and Love by Skye Turner

So I will be honest, I haven't read a thing this author has wrote before if she has wrote anything. I haven't even looked into her much. But a photographer that I follow Shauna Kruse endorsed this book because she is who took the picture of the gorgeous man on the cover. So I one-clicked. What harm can it do, its a military based book. I haven't read a bad one yet, figured I would give it a shot. I am so glad I did. 

This book follows an author, Maloree Arceneaux, who happens to send a cup of coffee to Sergeant Cord Hoffman which she has done several times in the past, however this soldier writes back thanking her. She for whatever reason writes back thanking him yet again for his service and BAM you have a penpal. They write back and forth for months and get the chance to meet. And boy does their time together make it worth the wait. 

This couple is endearing and even though his time overseas about gave me a heart attack because of the events, it all works out. 

Bestselling romance author, Maloree Arceneaux’s steamy stories have created dedicated fans around the world, though in reality her love life is lackluster at best. The troops are important to her and she’s always supported them in whatever way she can. 

Cord Hoffman is a Sergeant with the United States Army who is stationed overseas. Joining the Army straight out of high school, he’s always envisioned the military would be not only his career, but his life.

Fighting for his country is something Cord takes great pride in, though being single and away from family is starting to take its toll on him. 

One fateful day, Cord receives a thoughtful gift of a simple cup of coffee from a stranger through the Java for a Joe program. After reaching out to the sender, an unlikely friendship is formed. 

As time passes, Maloree and Cord’s friendship progresses across the miles and feelings blossom. 

When granted leave for the holidays, Cord decides to seek Maloree out. 

Will two people who found each other through the words of a simple gesture, sent from a world away, have a real chance at love once they’re face to face? Or will their romance be tucked away as a beautiful memory along with the letters signed… With Gratitude and Love… 

**This is an adult romance book and contains explicit language and graphic sex scenes not suitable for all readers. Intended for those over the age of 18.

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