29 December 2015

Read:: Psychosis by Marie James and Gina Sevani

Finally got around to this bad boy last night, its just a novella but with the holidays and getting elbow deep in the "Sweet Home" series by Tollie Colle I had to wait for it.

The story is a Fan Fiction based on a real person, Mr. Matthew Hosea Inked Model, and an obsessed fan of his. Matthew is currently serving our country in the Navy and loves his fitness when a photographer (Ms. Shauna Kruse) approaches him about a photo shoot and bam his whole world is changed and he has like 20000 followers watching every move he puts on social media. One in particular 'princess' is watching closely, like Stalker 5000 close. The authors described her but all I could see is his ex girlfriend that he had shared pictures of on his instagram, so I was picturing that girl as the crazy stalker chick, I figured I could picture everyone else in the book based on facebook and his friends that he has shared why not use her image as the other the top psycho obsessed hussy. I had never read a fan fiction before but it was interesting to know who these people were and that I could picture even the places they were having conversations.

This book as many twists and turns on her end, the relationship she and her brother have is gross and sick. Her obsession over someone she doesn't even know if weird how she makes it all up her head like they are really together, when Matthew has no clue other than he really just wants to get his penis wet.

I liked how the authors approached this with both point of views showing whats going on in the country boy's mind and then the crazy 'princess'. It had its funny parts, I was laughing out loud about the interworkings of the male mind. I can see Matthew speaking to the authors about his likings and what he would say in the situation.  And I loved that the proceeds are going to help a friends little girl battling cancer. I haven't previously read anything from these authors but I love supporting indie authors and those up and coming so I will definitely be looking for more from these two ladies. I love that the circle is creating more networking, friendships, and helping others.

I am going to be broke with all the covers he is going to be on this next year but cannot wait to see what is in store for him and his friends. Go follow him on facebook, give him some love, follow the authors and buy their books.

Matthew Hosea – FanFiction Novella Louisiana-born – Tennessee-raised, sweet talking country boy Matthew Hosea is now the new panty-melting heartthrob model of the Author World. He steals many hearts with his sexy voice and muscular body. Matthew spends his days staying extremely busy between being Active Duty Navy, a Nutrition Sales Representative, and a part-time Bouncer at the local bar. Not to mention the two-a-day gym visits. He has no time for women to take permanent residence in his life. The last thing he needs on top of such a crazy ass schedule is drama. Leia Walker has had nothing but a troubled chaotic life. Sometimes it’s hard for her to stick to reality when fantasy is much more pleasurable. Besides, it’s easier to control. Temptation is hard for Leia to fight; it’s constantly dangling right in front of her. She spends her time hanging out in the shadows waiting for the perfect man; her eyes are set on Matthew Hosea, the new, inked model taking the world by storm. The connection she feels is undeniable. Matthew’s the perfect man for her; he just doesn’t know it yet. It’s a dangerous and wild game that’s being played. What will Leia do to get what she wants? Just how far is she willing to go?

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