28 November 2015

Holy Cow the Releases!!!

Holy Crap, I have been busy reading. Like wake up in the middle of the night wanting to read reading. Its not because of the books, even though the books are great, its because of the wonderful authors. These ladies are putting their hearts in these books and its been one release after another and I have loved it. Thank goodness that this was a short week at work and lots of time to read after the kids went to bed. 

We had a great Thanksgiving with family and was able to visit with my mom and sisters. Having the cousins together is always a blessing. I have lots of cousins, but as we grew older we have grew apart but my sisters and I are tight. Communicating throughout the week and visiting with our parents when we can. 

I am thankful for the husband and family I have. I am able to help put food on the table with my great career at the USCG. I am spending time with the girls watching them grow and learn. 

This week has been good and its slowly coming to an end. 

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