08 September 2013

A Wonderful weekend

So its that time of year again, Pickin! My hubby packed up and headed to compete in the backyard competition. Our girls went to my moms for the evening and I headed to spend the evening with their BBQ team. Not a normal date night or much alone time. I had been disappointed because with the cost going up, my sister in law had not planned on going. So I didn't have anyone to hang out with to watch Kelly Pickler but my hubby surprised me with tickets, sucked it up, and watched the concert with me. Can you say he knows how to get to my heart??? He really knows how to make the evening better, at times it felt like it was just me and him. Nine years and counting still feels like the first time I seen him sometimes. So it was a good date night, lots of laughs, and his team members are pretty nice to hang out with too.

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