06 July 2013

Foam Contour Pillow Giveaway

Sleep... What's that? As a mom of three I need to get a good nights rest & sleeping on the Foam Contour Pillow by My Water Bed shop is a place to start. There is nothing worse than waking up with a sore neck or back. That doesn't make mommy happy and if mommy isn't happy it's cause for a bad day.
Temperature Sensitive Memory foam gently softens and molds to your unique shape.
Contour shape supports your head and neck alignment
Includes Washable velour cover.
Excellent for use as travel pillow.
Medically beneficial
Now I love having tons of soft cushiony pillows so switching those out for a firm small pillow was a challenge for me. But the more I used it the more I got used to it. My kids also started using it or should I say jacked it from me and they love it! I think the size of the pillow fits them better than it does me. It's not only good for my back but it's great for my kids back also.
This is a great pillow for all you firm pillow lovers out there who want to keep your back aligned while sleeping. This is a pillow I need! My neck is always sore in the mornings!!
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Now who wants to win a pair!
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Starts July 6th Ends July 20th
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