05 June 2013

Name Art Review & Giveaway

NameArt is a leading provider of personalized name art gifts for children. Their unique gift items make great baby name and shower gifts, birthday and holiday gifts for children. Choose your own artwork style, colors and other customizable options for a beautiful, personalized name art gift shipped directly to you or your gift recipient's home.
Whether you are looking for baby wall art for the nursery, kids room decorations for the grandkids, a custom name art gift for a niece or nephew, or looking for an unique next birthday party gift... Letter Art is your source for personalized name art gifts!
Navigating the site was super easy! I don't have a lot of time in my day to just sit, so things have to be quick in my hectic life. So thinking of creating something was overwhelming. Thankfully I was able to create Caden some cool stuff in less than 5 minutes with just a couple of clicks!
First they ask for your child's name
NameArt.com 1
Then you get to choose what style you want. Check below I have posted a picture of each style for your convenience.
NameArt.com 4
These are the styles. Now there are different styles within these styles to choose from but not enough to overwhelm you.
Once you choose your style you Can pick your letter style!
NameArt.com 5
You can preview each one which is really helpful.
NameArt.com 6
Once you're satisfied with your order simply push the continue button to select where you'd like your art to go! You can add your art on a personalized bookmark, sticker set, or on a bookmark sticker set combo, poster, placemat, name bar, fine art print, kids pillow, mounted bamboo or classically framed. There is just so much to choose from!
We chose the sample kit with the Robots theme which includes:
Name Bar
And a poster print which will be framed & hung in his room. Just deciding on a frame.
The detailing of the letters were very fun and colorful. I really enjoy looking at the pieces I had made and will definitely keep NameArt in mind for personalized gifts for family and friends!
Want to win some great personal art for yourself or a loved one?
*Winner will have choice of one poster, placemat, fine art print or name bar*
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