12 February 2013


NOOOOOO NOOOOOO I haven’t abandoned this project or idea. We began the bulk of what we wanted to do on February 1st and so far its going well. We are spending less and eating at home more. We are not buying unnecessary items. I have our cash envelopes cut and ready for our next pay cycle. We are paying off what we can fast to prepare for the move. We are hoping to move in with a family member if we would sell our home then we can pay ‘rent’ and save money to pay down debt while our home is being built on our land. We are using our ‘extra’ incomes with our 2nd jobs and paying those ONLY towards debt. No extras for us, no extras for the kids. We are using our full time income if we want something special, working it out and doing it when we have it.
So far his one Credit Card is nearly paid off, our other Credit Card is close, and then we have one that will be worked on once we get taxes back. I am trying to use my commission from Thirty One for any Thirty One that I need instead of putting it on CC and also to pay on CC debt we have. Once all the CC are paid off they will be going away as an Emergency needed item ONLY.
We are starting a Christmas and Vacation fund so that we are not scrambling to pay for this stuff. I absolutely love the holidays so need to make sure we have what we need in there so I can spoil everyone the way I want to.
So February is half over and we are just beginning, it is going to be a big task and something to keep up on but I cannot wait for the final result. To only have to pay for our home and vehicles would be a dream.

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