15 January 2013

Its the Middle of the 1st Month of 2013

Can you believe it’s already the middle of the month? Seriously where does the time go?? I feel like my girls are growing too fast and right in front of my eyes. They are learning so much so quickly. Our family has been down for the count since Christmas, the flu bug, coughs, runny noses, and attitudes have plagued our home.
I wish I could slow down time and just watch them in one space doing one action, but they move so fast. One minute we are watching cartoons, then its reading books, then off to play a game, then we have to let the puppy back in. Next thing you know its bed time and we are waking up doing it all over again.
I had wanted to post to this blog every day this year. Something personal along with the giveaways. This the 15th is my first post from my hands. I hope to get better; I worked out a little ‘schedule’ last night and think I am going to try to keep that. There are a few things I would like to achieve. I think I can do it. I don’t like saying ‘I can’t’ I don’t even let my kids say that phrase. They can ask for help or find another way of doing it but I can’t isn’t something that I want to hear.
So the 2nd part of this 1st month of 2013 I am going to start a new routine, along with the wonderful giveaways that I get to help promote, I will be blogging about my family, goals, Thirty One, and different projects in the house. We have so many we would like to accomplish this year to get the house in tip top shape in case we would decide we would like to sell. We have been waffling back and forth on this decision. We like the house but it isn’t the house we had planned on being in forever. We have land; we would love to build but to do that we must pay of debt. Debt free….another long project in the making but I think we finally have a system that will change all of that. I am slowly decorating the house to the way I want it, with the use of Thirty One Commission---I love my extra job!!
Thirty One is doing awesome, you may be tired of hearing about it, but what other company gives you $700 of free items for just going and having a good time with friends and family. I am so thankful I became this business and cannot wait to share more with you as the time comes. I am working on a few giveaways and a few items to be raffled off. I would love to build my business throughout the country!! Know anyone that wants to join? I am continuing my Enrollment Kit Rebate, qualify in your first 45 days ($1000 in sales) and I will refund your $99 for joining. I try to take care of my customers the way I would want to be treated and try to bend over backwards to make them happy.
The girls are doing awesome at 3 years and 15 months I couldn’t ask for better kids. They are my world. My husband well the longer we are together, the better we become. Our relationship just becomes stronger as time goes on. Our family time is getting easier since we have no bottles and one out of diapers. It’s easier to go do things on a fly, easier to go to places without a big bag full of stuff, and nap times are pretty consistent.
So here’s to another year. Another year of sharing our little lives with others. Another year of taking care of family. Another year of fun filled packed drama with screams, crying, and laughter. If my house is quiet, it means someone is usually up to something.
It’s the 15th, have you started your New Year’s Resolutions?? Have you already quit? Have you put them on the back burner until you are ready for them?

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