16 January 2013

Heartbroken again…

Yesterday I gave up all my baby clothes to another little itty bitty baby that was born this past October. Baby Jolynn is at Ava and Hailey’s daycare and her mother had asked if I had any clothes for handmedowns. WELL YEEEESSS!!!
I have been fortunate enough to be given awesome high qualify handmedowns and also the things that I had bought for the girls. I have been talking about going through the girls clothes for months now, one because I didn’t have the time and two, because I knew I would be emotional with it. Its just another baby thing out of our house.  Another reminder of no more newborns.
It took a lot on Saturday to throw everything into the bags and look through to see what I wanted to keep for them. I kept their Easter dresses Aunt Gail have bought them and Christmas dresses plus a few special outfits like their coming home from the hospital and certain favorite cute ones I put them in.
Tuesday morning, Kenny loaded all 5 bags into my trunk and I dropped them off with the girls at Vickies house. I have 3 empty totes now, ready for size 4, 5, and 6 handmedowns or bargains that I catch at the end of seasons.
But its done. Hailey is in 18 months for winter, will probably be in 2T by summer and as she grows out of things, I will be passing them on to who needs them in our circle of friends with little ones or to baby Jolynn.
I know next time it will be a little easier. Adjusting to having 2 toddlers and no more little baby will be fixed soon enough when there are a lot of little babies around to hug and snuggle. There are like 4 people due in the spring. I will get all my little baby snuggles then.
We have so much coming up that I know one day I will be thankful to be out of the baby stage and not worrying about nap times or diapers. One day….
Until then, my heart will tug just a little as I watch my two little girls grow so fast.

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