10 January 2013

Blogger Opp!!

Come and Join us on this great giveaway.

1/21  to  2/4

One lucky winner will win 

The Juppy Baby Walker Momentum

The Juppy Baby Walker is available in pink trim, blue trim orblack walker. It comes with a matching storage bag; this way is easy to carry to anywhere and itcan be e
mbroiderwith a baby's name on it

Requirements to join

* Free Facebook or Twitter with posting promotional announcement Here
 or pay the $5 fee waiver.

We will have 2RC on this giveaway, one will have the hosts and the follow pages. Second RC will have all free facebook links. 

*Additional links $1.00 each (optional) 

* Host a page $5 fee (Optional)

*Be one of the Host $10.00 (Optional) -Host does not pay additional fee for linksbut needs to post the announcement or will need to pay $5.00waiver

       As a host you willget:
        -Name with link of your blog as a host on thepost
        -4 links on the RC
        -Host a page

* Agree to post the giveaway html on the date the event begins and promote atleast 3 times a week

Please send any payments as Gift via Paypal
 to melisurveys1978@gmail.com.  If you use any otheroption, Paypal will charge me a fee!

If you have any questions please email meat nysavingspecials@gmail.com

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