27 December 2012

Our new pup "Kathie"

So we finally got our puppy. We have been searching for months for a dog that would be a good fit for the family. The girls ages, we wanted a puppy but with Kenny's schedule I really wanted a little puppy that was already house broken.

So we hit up petfinder.com and looked at what was available.

We came acrossed Kathie and filled out an application. She was a part of "IOTAM Animal Rescue" out of Martinsburg, WV. Kathie was actually with a 'foster' family while recovering from her past situation.

She is really the sweetest pup ever, letting Hailey climb all over her, Ava has be laying on her like a pillow, and she takes the noise, screaming, crying with stride. When she's outside and hears one of the girls upset, she is at the door barking to come in and make it all better. She has been here for almost a month and its like shes been here forever.

Hailey feeding her crushed ice, they share everything and anything Hailey is eating.

She lets the girls do just about anything to her. If she doesnt like it, she isnt mean about, she just moves out of the way or rolls over to get the off of her.

She is getting so much love from all of us but especially from the girls. They let her out every morning, give her treats, make sure she knows she's loved, and before we leave the house she gets hugs and kisses and told that they love her. At night, they let her out, give her a bone, then tell her good night before she goes to her bed. Ava has taken over a lot of the duties, making her she has food, water, and shes let out. Its been a good thing at her age, to show her some responsibility.

She is a spoiled pup already. She loves the girls plush princess couch. She uses it as a bed in the living room, napping and laying with the girls. Little does she know after Christmas that the girls will have new plush chairs from Santa and the couch will be all hers.

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